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        1. Welcome to visit Changzhou Xinzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.!
          IBC frame welder (cage cage welder)
          IBCCage welding machine
          IBCCage welding machine



          ●The equipment has the advantages of flexible operation, safe and reliable operation, continuous production, high work efficiency, energy consumption reduction and cost saving, and the degree of automation has reached the international advanced level.
          Use double layer mold feeding, automatic alternate butt feeding. Continuous production can be carried out so as to greatly improve the welding efficiency.
          ●The rear frame is driven by a servo motor and is fed by a synchronous belt and is provided with a guide rail and a bearing so as to ensure the accuracy and flexibility of the direction of the die holder.
          ●Welding part adopts 4 250KVA intermediate frequency transformer, welding uses special cylinder, welding once forming. High stability, good welding consistency.
          ●The welder adopts the intermediate frequency DC welding technology, the secondary current can keep constant current, and adopts the digital control technology, the welding time precision is millisecond, and the welding time can be arbitrarily controlled. The current between the electrodes is more balanced, so as to improve the quality of the welding point.
          Design concept:
          ●Hollow ribbed galvanized welded out of the protection cage is used as a new protection device of chemical liquid plastic packaging industry model, has been widely used in chemical raw materials industry, pharmaceutical industry, resin industry, petroleum industry, mainly to the chemical liquid plastic packaging and transportation protection, hoisting, bearing function.
          ●In recent years, with the rapid development of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical, oil and other industries at home and abroad, both domestic and export, the original chemical liquid and oil filling the car for transport, unloading is extremely inconvenient, and there are security risks, the transportation cost is very high, in view of the above situation, research technical information at home and abroad by our company and ask for the views of users, and the introduction and absorption of advanced technology abroad, combined with Longmen resistance welder principle produced by our company developed this one can effectively solve the above problems, and can meet the demand of domestic market protection cage welder.
          ●After a preliminary exploration of the products of the project two years to maturity until the market demand for products continues to expand, the product of the project has been in the leading domestic level, has obtained the patent for utility model patents, and application, has been widely applied to the chemical industry, chemical raw materials industry, petroleum industry, resin industry transport and lifting, protection. Has been with the Jiangsu Shandong Zibo, Changshu Fuda Jie Lin, Tianjin India Taiwan, Ylang Ylang, Ylang Ylang Ylang, Turkey and other large and medium-sized group company has established long-term cooperative relations, and further stabilize and expand market.
          Main technical parameters


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