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          Analysis of main points of stainless steel welding in steel form welding machine

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          The application of steel form welding machine is very extensive, it can carry on the welding work to many kinds of materials. Among them, aluminum material, stainless steel material and so on, all have the very good welding effect. Well, for stainless steel, its welding process is what kind of, perhaps a lot of people are not clear, then below for everyone to analyze the main points of stainless steel welding.
          First of all, because the steel template welding machine uses the vertical power supply, so when using, we should take the positive polarity, at the same time welding wire take negative polarity. Generally, the welding of stainless steel is very effective for the six mm thin plate, and the welding effect is beautiful.
          Followed by the protection of welding process, gas is argon, requiring high purity. Moreover, the welding current should be coordinated with the argon content.
          Third, in order to prevent welding in the course of the phenomenon of porosity, then before welding, it is necessary to weld areas within a number of rust, grease cleaning.
          Fourth, for welding arc, according to the specific circumstances, in the welding of stainless steel material, it takes one to three millimeters of arc, the protection effect is best.
          Fifth, in order to prevent the oxidation of weld bottom erosion, back to gas protection area. At the same time, for air control, you need to use the fence in case of wind. If there is no wind, you need a change of air.
          The above is the steel template welding machine welding stainless steel when the main points of analysis.

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