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          How to control the influence of environment on the operation result of steel template welding machine

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          The welding environment of the steel template welding machine is mostly in the field, and it is much more complicated than the welding in the general factory. At the same time, these environmental factors also have a great impact on the welding effect. Then, for the use of steel template welding environment control, for welding quality becomes particularly important. So how should we control the impact of the environment?
          The first is the impact of the natural environment. In general, the site is closed or open much place, so, if you encounter some rain frost fog and snow weather, low temperature or high temperature and other natural factors, these are not conducive to the implementation of welding. Therefore, some protective measures need to be taken to ensure the direct quality of welding. For example, some windproof and waterproof facilities can be built.
          Second, the operating environment must be a clean and orderly environment. Some obstructions on the construction site need to be cleaned before welding to prevent interference.
          Finally, it is found that the combination of the interface conditions are poor, then it should communicate with the application staff, interrupt welding, and seek the next welding, in order to ensure the quality of welding. In addition, the welding personnel's technical level also has the very big influence to the welding quality.
          The above is the steel template welding machine welding time, the surrounding environment for welding effect, hope to give the welding personnel some help.

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