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          How to use spot welding machine is more safe?

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          Spot welding machines are widely used in Arts and crafts, electronic components, instruments and meters, electrical switches, cable manufacturing, filters, mufflers and other manufacturing industries. In the operation of the welding surface clean, accurate assembly, into the upper and lower electrodes, pressure, making good contact; electricity makes the two workpiece contact surface heating, partial melting, forming nugget; keep the pressure off, the nugget of cooling and solidification under pressure to form solid solder joint. The device has the function of detecting welding voltage and data, and easily knows the voltage fluctuation during welding.
          How is it safer to use spot welding machines?
          Before welding, all dirt, oil, oxide and rust must be removed. Before welding, it is better to do the pickling, sand blasting or grinding wheel to remove the oxide. Although welding parts without cleaning can be used for spot welding, the service life of the electrode is seriously reduced, and the efficiency and quality of the spot welding are reduced simultaneously. For medium and low carbon steels with thin coating, they can be directly welded.
          Connect the cooling water first, then switch on the power supply to prepare the welding. Welding procedure: Welding in two electrode, step on the foot pedal, and the upper electrode and welding pieces and contact pressure, pressure on foot pedal, the power contact switch is switched on, so the transformer secondary circuit is energized to start work of welding heating. When the welding time is loosened, the electrode rises when the foot plate is loosened, and the power is cut off by the pulling force of the spring, and then the original state is resumed, and the single point welding process is finished.
          Check the power is what we must use in the spot, this is an important link in the use of the spot, sometimes electrical equipment may have exposed electrical phenomena, and of course our gas system may have leakage phenomenon, so we must be inspected before use, so as to guarantee the safety of our production.
          Spot welding machine according to the way of power supply is divided into: power frequency welding machine, pulse welding machine, frequency conversion welding machine. With adjustable stroke cylinder and fast electromagnetic valve, it is easy to operate, fast to weld, save energy and improve production efficiency.

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