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          Summary of faults and solutions of spot welding machine

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          The spot welding of high production efficiency, low cost, saving material, is widely used in crafts, electronic components, instrumentation, electrical switch, cable manufacturing, muffler, metal packaging, chemical containers and other industries, the working principle of the high temperature spot welding arc is generated in an instant short circuit with positive and negative poles to melt the solder wire and the welding materials, to achieve the purpose of combining them. Welding parameters affecting welding quality include welding current, electrode pressure, power on time and dimension of electrode working surface.
          In the use of spot welding machine will encounter some common faults, corresponding solutions are as follows analysis:
          A. check if the electrode is seriously oxidized.
          B. check if the welding workpiece is seriously rusted and the contact is bad.
          C. check whether the switch is too high.
          D. check if the electrode pressure is too small and the welding procedure is correct.
          Insufficient strength of workpiece:
          A. check the electrode pressure is too small, check the electrode rod is fastened.
          B. check whether the welding energy is too small and whether the welding workpiece is seriously rusted and make the solder joints come into contact with each other badly.
          C. check if there is too much oxide between the electrode head and the electrode bar, between the electrode bar and the electrode arm.
          D. check that the cross section of the electrode increases due to wear and tear and reduces the welding energy.
          E. check whether the electrode and copper soft joint surface are seriously oxidized.
          A. check whether the insulation resistance between the electrode seat and the body is bad, causing local short-circuit.
          B. check the inlet pressure, water flow rate and water supply temperature, check whether the water system is clogged with dirt, because the cooling doesn't make the electrode arm, electrode pole and electrode head overheat.
          C. check the copper soft union electrode arm, the electrode rod and electrode head contact surface is serious oxidation, cause contact resistance increase, fever serious.
          D. check if the electrode head cross section is excessive because of excessive wear and make the welding machine overload and heat.
          E. check whether the welding thickness and load duration exceed the standard, make the welder overload and heat up.
          Indentation is severe and has extrudate:
          A. check if the current is too large.
          B. check whether the welding workpiece is uneven.
          C. check the electrode pressure is too large, the electrode shape and cross section is appropriate.
          Spot welders should pay attention to wearing gloves, aprons and protective glasses in order to avoid sparks from burns. The sliding parts should be well lubricated and the metal splash should be removed after use. With the increase of the contact area and the deformation and wear of the electrode tip, the strength of the solder joint will decrease. The oxide, dirt, oil and other impurities on the surface of the workpiece increase the contact resistance. An excessive oxide layer can even cause an electric current to pass.

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